2021 04 Patented 'Drying Base Using Microwave'
Patented 'Mask Storage Case'
Launched Deodorization Dehumidifier 'For Home' and 'For Camp'
03 Launched 'Refresh Air Lab' Brand
2020 04 Entered 'Seven-Eleven'
Entered 'Home-Plus'
2019 10 Launched 'Mask Storage Case'
06 E-Mart Product Launching
05 Patented ‘Drying Device for Wardrobe’ Design
2018 11 Awarded ‘Technology Transfer/ Industrialization Promotion’
Launched 'Dehumidifier for Shoes Rack, Kitchen, Car'
10 Launched MASURI Application(Android)
03 Launched Dehumidifier for 'E-LAND'
02 Launched Dehumidifier for 'MODERN HOUSE'
2017 12 Awarded ‘Day of Trade Celebration’
Awarded ‘Regional Economic Development’
Patented 'Humidity Directive Composition'
Launched 'Deodorization Dehumidifier for Closet'
07 Launched TV Home Shopping(I’m Shopping)
05 Entered ’Coupang Rocket Shipping’
Launched ‘Deodorization Dehumidifier for Shoes’
02 Patnted ‘Moisture Removal Device for Shoes’
2016 07 Selected as ‘Best-New Products in Korea’
Launched TV Home Shopping (Home & Shopping)
06 Launched Dehumidifier for Shoe Refill
03 Launched 'MASURI' Brand
2015 12 Certified Desizon R&D Center
11 Awarded ‘Venture Business Superior Management’
07 Launched ‘Shoe tree’ Dehumidifier
06 Launched Dehumidifier for ‘HANSSEM’
Certified ‘Venture Business’
05 Patented ‘Drying Device for Wardrobe’
Selected as Innovative Company by ChungBuk
03 Launched Dehumidifier for Closet Drawers
01 MOU Agreement with ChungBuk Univ.(Academical – Industrial Cooperation Agreement)
2014 12 Selected as ‘Excellent Start-up Impression’
Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001
09 Patented ‘Moisture Removal Device for Shoes’
03 Establishment of Desizon Co., Ltd.
2002 09 Establishment of NamGyeong Industrial Inc.